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You and your patients benefit.

  • Save time See how much time you will save, don't let your medicines run out or expire. Reduce paper-work, fully automated email reminders.
  • Clinical audits created easily, complete 'on the go', set your own standards. Drug administration logs, CD register. CQC advice.
  • Demonstrate good practice checking expiry dates and keeping records of all drugs in the surgery and bags is regarded as an activity that all practices should fulfil.
  • Save money on paperwork, reports and stock takes and by reducing drug wastage, minimising stock due to over-ordering. Hospitals and clinics manage your stock wisely.
  • Patient Safety be confident drugs are available and in date when a patient needs them. Search for MRHA drug and device alerts quickly.
  • Convenience automated electronic drugs/equipment re-ordering from your own pharmacist or supplier, simply set up and leave the rest to us !

Oxford Handbook of General Practice
Simon & Everitt, Fourth edition, page 101..
"commercial databases (eg www.doctorsbaguk.com) that store data about drugs in the GP's bag can be useful to alert you when drugs go out of date. Record origin, batch number, and expiry date of all drugs administered to patients or dispensed to them to take themselves."

"All GPs should have available, and be able to use the necessary equipment and drugs to enable him/her to respond appropriately to medical emergencies."
♦"The exemplary GP has up-to-date emergency equipment and drugs, and ensures that they are available for any doctor eg.a locum, working in the practice."
♦"The unacceptable GP has insufficient emergency drugs or equipment, or has drugs that are out-of-date."

(RCGP's. Good Medical Practice for General Practitioners July 2008)

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With ©AuditPal and ©AuditChat to create your own electronic clinical audits. Add your data at the bedside when you see the patient. Post your audits for peer review from other members, ideal for Locums.

♦ Organisations post and share audits for your clinical teams.

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Healthcare Professionals handling medicines and equipment can use the site and not the general public. Used in many differing settings globally, (except US & Canada)). An essential tool for medical, dental, vetinary practices and all Healthcare providers. Practice Managers save time !

Pharmacy Alert Im
©Pharmacy Alert allows automatic ordering as drugs expire or alerts when you reach a minimum stock level that you set for each item.
Just add the email address of your own pharmacy, equipment supplier or central manager.
Henry Schein Medical. (UK only) can provide this service or any other supplier.

Drug logs, audits and fully compliant intelligent electronic CD register, with automated balancing of stock. Safer Management of Controlled Drugs: Changes to Record Keeping Requirements Feb 2008 schedule 15 "The guidance makes clear that if the CDR is held in computerised form the best practice requires that: Safeguards should be incorporated in the software to make sure that the author of each entry is identifiable, entries cannot be altered at a later date, a log of all data entered is kept and can be recalled for audit purposes." All doctors carrying controlled drugs must have individual registers independent of the practice drugs. If using the CD register each doctor must have their own log-in so that the entries are, 'attributable'.

Practice Nurses, ©'Vacc-Trac' Our Vaccine Tracker keeps track of your vaccines and will optionally prompt you to re-order when necessary.
Minimise in date, usable stock and reduce wastage. Designed for use by practice nurses during routine vaccination and travel clinics, click as you go, records Batch Numbers, expiry date etc.

"Health and Safety regulations require all pracitices to have first aid kits, eye washes and hazard spill packs, are yours in date?"

Created by a British GP the site was originally developed out of necessity and used in a busy General Practice. Simply enter the details of your drugs and equipment onto your pages, and leave the rest to us. The average GP may have 25-30 items in their bag, emergency vehicles may have 50-60 items including drugs and equipment. The site can be used for childhood vaccinations and travel vaccines as well.

When you give a drug or vaccine record it online and enter into the audit if you wish there and then. Email reminders and automated ordering when items expire or need replacing up to fourteen days before expiry. Set the recipient of the reminder emails for example to the practice pharmacist if you wish.
Group practices use the pharmacy alert to direct central re ordering to their practice manager, dispensary/pharmacy or responsible practice nurse.

The 'patient drug' function monitors the expiry dates for patients' drugs such as adrenaline pens, glucagon injections, GTN sprays and migraine treatments or as a practice recall reminder for patient vaccination schedules NB. (Explicit patient consent is required to use patient identifiable data on the site).
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Family planning clinics manage your stocks of IUCDs, implants, injections and pills. Know exactly how much stock you have and be sure it is in date. Staff can easily check safety recalls.

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Drug and equipment page.                   Controlled Drug page.
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♦ GPs, Hospital doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Walk in Centres,
Urgent Care, Out of Hours, Hospitals, Commisioning Groups and

♦ Ambulances, Air Ambulances and other Emergency vehicles.
♦ Safe, convenient medicines management. Clinical audits.
♦ Registered Charities (Hospices, Air Ambulance, RNLI etc), membership is free.

From BMA guidance on CQC practice inspections:-

☑"Be aware that the CQC inspector may ask about the contents of the doctor's bags, the emergency drugs and contents, fridge temperatures and associated logs".

☑"Ensure that the GP practice has good stock control systems."

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